Eardot are an all-time companion be it during the hour-long flight journeys or grueling gym hours. But if you handle them sans care and turn your back to its routine maintenance, the quality of sound might give in to the ravages of time, or might refuse to work altogether.

There are many tips on eardot maintenance, to keep them new-like even after years. Putting the below-given tips to work can actually elevate the life of every wireless in-ear Bluetooth headphones or anything of that sort that you buy.

Do’s of Wireless in-ear Headphones


Begin cleaning your wireless in-ear headphones by taking off the foam or rubber comfort pieces and dip them in alcohol. Wipe the surface underneath with the help of lint-less tag, and thereafter swab with a cotton swab dipped in hydrogen peroxide. Finally, take a toothpick or cotton swab soaked in hydrogen peroxide to clean the dead skin cells, wax and other inner-surface of the earbuds.

Keep the Headphones inside a Case

Purchase a case that is specially made for storing the headphones. Ensure the case has an appropriate place to secure the headphone and its cord. This would prevent you from the hassle of a tangled cord.

Replace the Foams

The rubber or foam at the tip tends to wear down with time and loses the resistance of noise, thus storing a dead skin cell buildup. This buildup interferes with the quality of the sound. Try replacing the foam and rubber tips when you notice the first signs of wearing down or when you realize that you can no longer clean them with a simple damp cloth.

Ensure you have considered all the mentioned tips on maintenance to keep your wireless in-ear headphones without cable intact and new. Check out the various online stores to grab the lucrative wireless in-ear headphones for sale. Buy in-ear Bluetooth wireless headphones online to be assured of reliability and quality.